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Ahhh...closing the blind has given you both a lovely diffused glow!!!!! and the green totally works!


I spent this morning in bed reading my book, lots of good stuff in there; Ngaire is one talented chick.

And it was great to catch up [briefly] with you :)

Carole Janson

Oh Wow !! Sally that would have been wonderful. But I have to admit, if I was there meeting Ngaire, I would also be excited to meet you, because as far as I am concerned you are an inspiration to me, as you would be to many more ladies. I am so pleased you had such a lovely time.

Lauren Rhodes

You'll have to share you thoughts on her book, I can't wait to get my hands on a copy. It's a bit hard from this side of the world. I love your beads in the photo they are soooo cool.

I'm glad you've got your mojo back as I love looking at your work it's just so insperational to me too.

dido to what Carole said too...

Lauren x


She is awesome isn't she Sal!!! But then so are you!!! Glad you had a great time!!!! When do we get to hear all about your holiday!!!!
Hope all has been well with you!!
Take CAre

steph caskey-devlin

Sally I don't know who has the more gorgeous smile. You both radiate.
Steph xx

ngaire Bartlam

hello my darling!!! LOVE this :))))\
Thank you sweeetie it was a complete joy to meet you!!!!


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