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Girl it was great to catch up with you if only for a very short time. Must get together again really soon. xoxo

Michelle M

Sally, love your Tamar layout... if only our farm looked that good!!! LOL yes our farms name is Tamar!

Looking great, sorry to hear you have not been well, hope your feeling better real soon!

Carole Janson

Hi Sally How are you going ? Kiwi Scrap sounds like it was loads of fun. The layout using the new basic key is stunning, and I love what you did with the HOW DARE YOU layout. I hope you are feeling better soon as well.

Have a lovely weekend.
Best Wishes


Wow, you have really been getting around lately! Great LO's Sally and I completely understand what it is like to not be yourself at a scrapbooking event! It's hard enough just to get through classes when you feel wretched and then to find the energy to be ultra sociable can be tough. Hope you are feeling much better now.

Nicole Rayner

Kiwi Scraps sounded like so much fun. The layouts look great.

susan j

OMG Sally, you DO get around don't you? LOL at the D cup comment!! I wish I was at Kiwiscraps. Sounds like you had a great time.

Tracey Cavanagh

Love your How Dare You? LO, which I saw today, and your BG LO is gorgeous too (I always love your stuff anyway!). How lucky were you to have your photo taken with Ali! Would have love to have met up with you - maybe next year :)


Hi Sally, love the pic of you and Ali, you look gorgeous considering you weren't feeling that well! Love your layouts here! Happy B'day to Miss Kate! Wow, 4 already! Hope you're all better now! Hugs!

Dee Molina

Love your work Sally! I'm a Shire girl also (though we now live on the central coast) and I always make sure I visit SBHQ when I'm staying at my parents in Bangor. It's a great store!!! I've been admiring your work for a long time. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Dee Molina

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