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Hey girl it seems so long since we caught up. Loving all your projects. xoxo

Chris M

Love all your creations Sally! Best of luck with everything and enjoy reigniting that spark and enjoyment for scrapping again.

Marie Noske

I'm going to miss reading your blog and seeing your work, Sally. But I understand your need for a little bit of time out and I look forward to seeing your work once you have rested. Take care.

Alison Shearer

We will all miss seeing your work and reading your blog but you've made the decision that's right for you and you know you have my total support. Your family is more important than anything.


Alison XXX


I came here Sal to check up on what you've been up to. So sad to see you left S&C and take a break from the dares BUT can totally understand.

Thinking of you and keep in touch.


Belinda Howlett

hey I have some great photos to send you - call me or I will let you knowwhen I am down your way!!!
Love your work sally!!!


I've been missing your updated blog, but I understand your reasons why. Your family is your priority so go and make lots more memories. Hope you find your "spark" again. I'll miss your wonderful creations, but I'll still check regularly to see if you've come back to us!!!
Love & Hugs

Carole Janson

Hi Sally you wonderful thing you, I hope everything goes so well for you, you are such a lovely lady, and such an inspiration to me. Wish you and your family all the very best. Loving everything you have created, I especially love the reflections layout such a great idea, and your xmas items are so gorgeous. Take care.

Lyn Dwyer

Hi Sal....jst popped in to check what you have been up to.I fully understand you needing more time with the family. Sometimes we just have to prioritise the things in our life.......take care......you do what is right for YOU!


i am hearing you Sally- all the best lovely! But family comes first :)
Love ya

janine kaye

hi sally, you are the lady that taught me to scrapbook, to love it and to love teaching..i am so grateful that you were my first teacher. i hope you have fun finding your spark again. you will always be a constant source of inspiration to me...enjoy your time with your family..


Hey there Sal, I'm sad too, just reading all these comments from the people that love your stuff and will miss you. Isn't it a good thing that our hobby has helped motivate and inspire so many people and bring joy to so many lives.
Keep up the good work! I'll still be coming to your classes and as far as I am concerned you have NOT lost your mojo!! See you soon. love from Lex.

PS - 29 days to Robbie

Lauren Rhodes

I will miss reading you blog and looking at your amazing scrapbooking! Best of luck and can't wait to see you back on the scrapbooking wagon soon.

Lauren x


Your work is divine and I will miss you as will the rest of the team. Never loose sight of what is important and we will be here when your back into all things scrapping. Love yah babe!




Im still reeling that you are going. I will miss your humour & encouragement. I wish you every good thing for the future. Dont be a stranger.


Kylie Tout

Hey Sally - Love ya and I will be sure to track you down!!!!!!


Is the first time I visit your blog and I love all your creations!! is just amaizing all the work that you make!


Steph caskey devlin

Sal, going to miss reading your blog - but I sooo hear you. Family comes first. Always. Look after your self Sal.

Steph xo

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